Get insights from the cloud with acirro+

Move your machine data to the cloud with our fully IIoT ready X2 HMIs and BoX2 devices, and gain insights to streamline operations.

If you are a Maker of Things, a machine builder or a provider of other technical equipment, your business runs on data. Data that can tell when your machines are running efficiently and indicate when you need to introduce maintenance or other measures.

The threshold to accelerating into digital has never been lower than now, closing the gap between OT and IT.

Our X2* HMIs and BoX2* devices are now IIoT ready by standard and fully prepared to enable you to move your machine data to the cloud.

Easily set up a secure cloud connection and begin moving machine data to the cloud using our acirro+ IIoT platform. The solution is easy to implement without needing to rewire your existing installation or re-program an existing application.

Viewing machine data in visual dashboards gives you a great overview and provides insights to streamline your machine’s operation, creating new business opportunities.

Connects to all automation brands

Communicate with hundreds of unique PLCs and automation equipment from all major manufacturers through an extensive driver list. This enables X2 HMIs and BoX2 gateways to access all vital data hidden in your machines or facility and send it to the cloud.

No re-wiring or re-programming required

Getting your data to the cloud has never been simpler and more secure. Without any need to re-wire your existing application or re-program the controller in your application. Simply use one of the new X2 panels or BoX2 gateways. Go to SmartStore, buy a subscription and activate the device. Make sure to have the latest software versions of iX and WARP. Define the data you want to upload to cloud, set transfer intervals and resolution. And your data will start streaming.

The cloud-based IIoT platform

acirro+ is our cloud-based IIoT platform and the umbrella for all our cloud related services. Use it to manage the setup of devices, cloud tags, users and more. Tailor the design and manage IIoT dashboards to get a complete overview of your machine data.

The safe and secure IIoT solution

Securely transmitted data

Your machine data is securely transmitted to the Beijer Electronics cloud using bank-level security SSL/TLS encryption.

Identified devices only

All X2 HMIs and BoX2 gateways have an X.509 international standard certificate tied to their serial number. Each device has a traceable, unique identity to identify just your registered devices in the cloud.

No unauthorized access

All communication from devices to the cloud is outbound. Devices are never visible on the public internet, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

Safe hosting

All data is hosted on Microsoft Azure with highly secure administration of organization, users devices, device groups, cloud tags and roles via acirro+.