Beijer Electronics offers a comprehensive range of industrial drives designed for industrial and HVAC applications including control of both standard induction motors and permanent magnet motors. The product range includes inverters in the range 0.1-160kW and enclosure classes IP20, IP55 and IP66.

Industrial Inverter E2

Cost-effective, user-friendly industrial inverters for rugged, reliable control

Beijer Electronics industrial inverters E2 offer general purpose drive facilities, dedicated to low power applications, combining innovative technology, reliability, robustness and ease of use.

HVAC Inverter H2/H3

Easy-to-use, robust inverters dedicated to fan and pump control

Beijer Electronics HVAC inverters H2/H3 set a new standard for dedicated fan & pump control. The Beijer Electronics HVAC inverters offer ease of use and an innovative design, combined with robust performance to provide powerful flow control and reliability in a compact drive.

Performance Inverter P2

Excellent usability, high performance inverters for advanced motor control

Beijer Electronics performance inverters P2 combine premium control of both standard induction motors and permanent magnet motors with high performance, reliability and ease of use.