Designed to keep you ahead of the game

iX HMI is an easy-to-use advanced HMI solution with everything you expect and more. Every technical detail is based on the latest, proven technologies. Robust and powerful, the slim operator panels offer stunning graphics and rock-solid performance, adding wow to any project.

Looks good, works great

The combination that adds wow to work

The iX HMI solution combines reliable, industrial-grade hardware with stable, intuitive software and great graphics. Easy to operate, easy to engineer and easy to customize. A perfect choice for any industrial application.

A world of hardware choices

And all you need is one software

iX HMI gives you all the hardware options you need. Choose from popular industrial panels or specialized panels designed for rugged and marine environments. You can even choose integrated CODESYS soft control and soft motion functions.

iX HMI software

Another reason to love our hardware

Get all the modern tools to design HMI applications easily and efficiently. The intuitive iX HMI software offer complete HMI functionality, unique options for advanced users and efficient workflow that saves valuable project time.

Endless possibilities

To build exactly what you need

You have the freedom to build your system just the way you want it to fit your needs. With iX HMI your options cover everything from stand-alone applications to large panel networks, as well as endless functionality and connectivity choices.