From bridge to engine room.

Marine H and MI
Both the iX TBM and iX T7AM and inch marine operator panels have robustly designed fronts with high-resolution touch-screen interface and black frames. The non-branded fronts are easy to integrate. Benefits include classic marine features such as dimmable backlight and high brightness display.

Powering a world of hardware

The iX HmI software gives you smart tools to communicate efficiently, whatever hardware you choose. It combines top-class vector graphics and easy-to-use functions that provide intuitive and reliable operation on the spot. And it gives you almost limitless connectivity to other equipment.

Complete HMI Functionality

Find all essential functions included in the software such as data logging, recipes, alarms, trends and audit trail. You can easily insert ready-made objects with built-in functionality and vector graphics into the screen. A low entry level makes it easy to get an application up and running.

Connect to all automation brands

An extensive driver list enables communication with other automation equipment from all major manufacturers. Share information easily between users and have safe control of complex systems, even over long distances. Transfer files and control panels remotely with FTP and VNC servers.

Marine feature.

- High brightness display
- Wide temperature range
- Dimmable backlight
- Optional CiX CAN module
- Isolation
- High vibration environments
- SLC memory